Amin Rezaeizadeh

Sharif University of Technology
EE 717
1458889694 Tehran

Phone: +98 (0)21 6616 4345
Email: aminre @
          aminre @


Research Interest

  • Control Application: renewable energy, automotive, flying machines, robotics, ...
  • Optimization-based control policy, Model Predictive Control, Robust Control, Iterative Learning Control, Machine Learning, Blockchain technologoy and IoT
  • State estimation (Kalman Filtering, UKF,PF)
  • System Identification (frequency domain)
  • Publications


  • PhD from ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2013-2016)
  • MSc from ETH Zurich in Robotics, Control and Systems (2011-2012)
  • BSc from Sharif Univ. of Tech. in Electrical Engineering (2007-2011)



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